New and Secure Gmail for your Business

When we started with the changes, our goal with G Suite has been to help companies in productivity and the use of cloud-based applications.

The goal indeed was to work more fluently, intelligently and effectively. These improvements include an improved version of Gmail that has a new web interface, better performance, new applications that work with artificial intelligence from Google and the use and interaction of others G Suite applications.

In fulfilling the goal, which is the protection of your data, new protections were added against phishing to address the threats of business email compromise (BEC.) It is a significant step forward in protecting your data by sending a warning to the user.

Gmail’s confidential mode represents the protection of sensitive content of the email, with the help of a deadline or already sent messages.

Integrated information rights management (IRM) controls also allow you to change the settings for forwarding, copying, downloading or printing messages. In this way, the risk lessens that confidential information will mistakenly pass to the wrong people.

The changes we made also enable our security warnings in Gmail to make them easier to understand. When you receive an email that may pose a risk, these new warnings, which are written in bold and have a larger size, will help you to be more informed.

New Gmail features rely on AI technology, such as Nudging, Smart Reply, and high priority notifications. They can do a lot of work for you when, for example, you receive more emails than you can handle, and at times, certain things may be overlooked. These tools will proactively remind you to keep track of particular messages or respond to individual emails to keep everything under control.

By using Smart Reply within our Gmail applications, you can respond to messages more quickly, making it a convenient tool. Also, High-Priority Notification is a necessary tool that can ease your job by filtering essential messages by keeping the number of irrelevant messages and spam to a minimum.

Our goal was to make changes to Gmail that will make it easier for users to work. Now, for example, you can look at an attachment without opening a thread. You can also scroll through messages to perform specific actions, such as confirming attendance at a meeting, archiving an email conversation or postponing a message until the indicated time.

As part of this new design, Gmail also offers strong integration with other G Suite applications that are used daily. Now, you can create Calendar invitations quickly, edit them or make references to those invitations.

The side panel also provides access to Gmail Add-ons, which does not require to alternate between different tabs or applications during your work. In the coming months, the integration of the new side panel will begin to be seen in other G Suite applications, such as Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations.

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