What Brings Google Cloud Next ’18

Having gone through major cities such as San Francisco, London or New Delhi, ‘Google Cloud Next,’ the most important Google Cloud event goes all around the globe. The major cities are ready to welcome the conference, where more than a thousand people will attend the event which proposes that the future is present. Technology advances in giant steps, what was previously impossible, is now being rewritten, the possibilities of the cloud are unlimited, imagination marks the limit. In the ensuing fourth stop of Next, specialists, and engineers at the national level gather and discuss the Next. Essential experts, also at world level, who have shared their knowledge with the assistants like to comment on this Google feature.

The general conferences are marked by the following topics: Big Data and Machine Learning, the Development of applications, Infrastructure and Operations, Collaboration and productivity, and Mobility and devices.

Chat focuses on messaging. Scott Johnston, responsible for Drive, which is the storage of Google, explains that they surpass Slack in the way they take care of the threads of conversation, both central and secondary from a specific topic. It will be an application for iOS and Android. Although it still cannot be downloaded, they advise that they are onto the finishing touches. It will be like the way you organize Gmail conversations.

Google does not stay out of the bots fever, as it is called virtual assistants who have an online conversation. They will open these services to developers so they can offer additional applications.

Meet already has the active web whenever you have a corporate account hosted on Google. The manager promises that so many applications, will save time in meetings: “We will achieve this by making better use of the agenda, looking for the appropriate gaps for all, and following up on previous meetings.” Another promise is its ease of use, up to 30 people in a call without anyone having to put an add-on in the browser, and will have fewer demands on the processor.

Microsoft, until now masters the traditional office with Outlook and Office mail. As allies, a proposal to join the battle for productivity will be unveiled. In their favor, they have the enormous power of Windows and Office mentioned above. It is expected, in addition to integrating Skype, they will offer Team within the contract they already have with large corporations, as their alternative to Slack. In this way, by not charging additionally, they want to stop the out-migration of users to Slack.

The staff in Google Cloud has a primary objective to offer the best services in the cloud to the customers. In doing this, they want to have the best ecosystem of expert cloud partners. Experience and commitment to innovation and its path in recognized Cloud migration projects make it a strategic partner for everyone using this feature. Using the function in the future will show how close we are to obtaining the highest level of perfection. Google is trying to impress us!

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