At GarbleCloud, we believe that you should have control over your data.

Have you been intrepid enough to read through the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use” documents of the services you use? Or, like the majority of us, do you scroll down and click on the “I agree” button as fast as you can? In either case, you are equally likely to be caught unawares when your data gets mined, analyzed and linked by these services in creative, unforeseen ways.

GarbleCloud introduces a layer of protection and security to your files stored in popular cloud applications with no adverse effects on the data itself or the app functionality. We have created patented technology and harnessed advances in cloud computing to enable encrypted file management at scale, across diverse SaaS platforms. This means that whether you are using Google Drive, DropBox, Slack or any other cloud platform, YOU can control how the platform accesses your information, for what purpose and for how long..