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    • Connect up to four cloud drives
    • Encrypt all types of Files
    • Powerful encryption key management
    • Full-text search on encrypted files
    • Secure sharing of encrypted files
    • Integrated search across clouds.
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$6 user/month

    • Everything in Basic
    • Powerful admin functionality
    • User account management
    • Security policy enforcement
    • Data analytics for activity monitoring
    • Admin controls for password recovery account transfers
    • User account transfers
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Enterprise Version

For an Enterprise Version, kindly contact us for customized scalable solutions with dedicated support to help admins manage at scale

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Every Plan Includes

  • Powerful Encryption
  • Secure Sharing & Collaboration
  • Highly Scalable & Reliable Performance
  • Secure Text Search
  • Multi-Cloud Productivity
  • Migration Between Clouds

Frequently Asked

Who is a GarbleCloud User?
GarbleCloud provides file encryption (AES-256) and seamless key management for files stored in public cloud stores like Google Drive and Dropbox. Individuals and organizations that value data security & privacy for their cloud applications are ideal GarbleCloud users.

How does collaboration & sharing work within Garble Cloud?
Sharing and collaboration are just as easy with Garble Cloud as it is with your existing cloud applications. You can add users to your Garble Cloud secured folders with a passphrase so they always have the most up-to-date versions of files they’re working on together, or you can send a copy of a file or folder instead. Plus, with Garble Cloud Teams can control user permissions and admin functionality.

Which and how many cloud apps can I use with GarbleCloud?
Currently, the user can use their GarbleCloud account Google Drive & Dropbox. Currently, we allow 4 cloud accounts per user.
(More Integrations coming soon)

Is GarbleCloud built for small organizations?
Yes, Garble Cloud is built for individual users and small teams looking to secure their content on cloud applications.

How much cloud space do I get?

GarbleCloud doesn’t offer storage space. We secure existing Google Drive & Dropbox accounts. If you wish to increase space, kindly upgrade/buy more storage through cloud accounts

Can I share files or folders with Individual users if I’m on a Team account?
Yes you can share encrypted files with any GarbleCloud user regardless of their plan.

What forms of payment can I use?
Currently you can choose to pay via your compatible debit/credit card & PayPal

Who needs GarbleCloud Enterprice Plan?
We would recommend GarbleCloud Enterprise to any organization that has a workforce of 200+ users. This allows us to build custom solutions and integrations specific to the usage involved.

Do you offer discounts to not-for-profit institutions or educational institutions? 
Kindly contact our sales team to know more.