Cloud Encryption Software to Protect Your Privacy That’s Simple and Effective

Encrypt Files in the Cloud

When you store your critical files within Google WorkspaceDrive Enterprise, or Google Drive, GarbleCloud provides an added layer of security to all of the data you upload to your account. GarbleCloud’s powerful yet easy-to-use, policy-based AES-256 file encryption software and seamless patented key management combine to allow for regulated, user-controlled access across multiple clouds, while simultaneously ensuring your data always stays safe and remains impenetrable. Encrypt upon upload or at any other time you choose. 

Share Encrypted File

GarbleCloud is the best encryption software as once your data has been encrypted, you can securely share and collaborate with your colleagues by creating folders in GarbleCloud for privately managing and monitoring multiple files. Define your own terms for encrypted file/folder access, determine your own sharing policies, then simply drag and drop what you’d like to share with another authorized GarbleCloud user — no password sharing necessary. 

Works Across Multiple Clouds

GarbleCloud consolidates multiple cloud storage services such as Drive Enterprise, Google WorkspaceGoogle Drive and Dropbox (with Google sign-in) into a single, intuitive interface. This can lead to better productivity and worry-free, company-wide data control––which ultimately saves your business time and effort.

With file encryption software of GarbleCloud, you can share files and collaborate across clouds while extending the functionality of one platform to another. For example: Even though Dropbox doesn’t allow for document content searches on its own, an integration with GarbleCloud facilitates full-text searches among all of your connected cloud accounts––including Dropbox and Google Drive ––whether these accounts provide a full-text search natively or not.

Full-text search of encrypted documents

Our highly-secure and scalable infrastructure enables easy searches across your entire data archive. Access regular and/or encrypted documents and other digital files quickly and painlessly using GarbleCloud’s patented full-text search capability over all your encrypted files and documents.

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Protect Your Business, Your Clients & Yourself

Personal & Professional

Protect the privacy of your personal and professional content. Share photos and videos with friends and family and keep your private moments within your inner circle or send proposals and presentations to clients while still upholding the integrity of your intellectual property. 


Make sure you’re the only master of your art by avoiding unwanted access to your works in the process. Encrypt and safeguard videos, scripts, musical demos, and more, and secure them against entertainment or news industry leaks and spoilers. 


Encrypt your Drive Enterprise, Google Workspace, and Google Drive cloud files for easy document sharing and storage across internal or external channels. Send encrypted messages to your clients to establish confidence in the level of privacy your firm affords, and safeguard your collaborative internal documents so that only those who need them are able to see them.


If you're concerned about improper access to backup files or data, system access information or product specifications, GarbleCloud can help you quickly and easily secure access to that information. Software companies need to be especially aware of protecting proprietary or personal information.


Be confident that information stored outside centrally protected business systems won't compromise your clients, business partners or your position.  GarbleCloud provides a simple way for financial industry workers to keep ad hoc sensitive data protected from unwanted access.


GarbleCloud can help you comply with local, state, and federal legal requirements for employee privacy. Dictate your own sharing policies and manage file access on a case-by-case basis to ensure your staff’s most crucial data is never left vulnerable to digital attack.