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Data Privacy as a Service for G Suite

GarbleCloud gives you a simple, intuitive way to get unmatched privacy & productivity in the cloud.

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GarbleCloud provides user-controlled encryption for files stored in public cloud stores like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Coming soon -- Support for many more cloud applications and platforms you love...

See how GarbleCloud helps with GDPR compliance for G Suite

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Learn how GarbleCloud helps keep your data private & secure in the cloud

GarbleCloud Features

We do cloud security a little differently, here’s a quick overview of just a few of GarbleCloud’s powerful capabilities.

Protect sensitive files in your Google Drive

Powerful, yet easy to use policy-based file encryption (AES-256) and seamless key management allow for regulated access and ensure that your data is always safe. File encryption for other G Suite applications coming soon

Secure sharing & collaboration

Share & collaborate on encrypted files and documents in your Google Drive, create secure folders for managing multiple files, and define encrypted file/folder access & sharing policies.

Powerful, secure search, powered by Google Drive

GarbleCloud’s patented technology enables you to run full-text searches over all your encrypted files and documents in any connected cloud, without having to decrypt them first. Experience the power of Google Drive Search extended to your encrypted files, without having to reveal their contents.

Cloud aggregation

Access, protect and search all your files across all connected clouds from a single, unified interface.

Cloud Interoperability & Enhanced Productivity

By enabling inter-cloud operations (search, file transfer, etc.), GarbleCloud saves time and effort – leading to better productivity and worry-free data control. Use the power of Google Drive to share and collaborate with colleagues, no matter where your files reside. Extend the power of Google Drive platform to all your clouds — create google docs in Dropbox, index and search all files, transfer and share files to/from google drive from/to other clouds.

Highly Scalable, Reliable Performance

GarbleCloud is built on the industry-leading Google Cloud Platform (GCP), able to deliver high performance web applications that scale seamlessly to hundreds of millions of users. In addition to the highly secure and reliable infrastructure of GCP, GarbleCloud leverages Google's OAuth 2.0 framework to ensure pain-free authentication and authorization experience for all users.

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Watch GarbleCloud in action, protecting your data in G Suite and beyond

GarbleCloud GDPR compliance
for G Suite Users

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Admin features for GarbleCloud TEAM

We do cloud security a little differently, here’s a quick overview of just
a few of GarbleCloud’s powerful capabilities.

Simple, intuitive dashboard for admin functionality User account management

GarbleCloud TEAM provides a single dashboard access for all account management tasks to the admin. It is intuitive for any G Suite admin to figure out and manage standard tasks like add/delete users, manage payment settings etc.

Data analytics for user-activity monitoring

See a unified view of how users are protecting data in your domain. Instantly see how many files are being encrypted, being shared in encrypted form etc. Many more exciting features coming soon.

Admin controls for password recovery and account transfers

TEAM admins can help users recover their secret passwords to ensure minimal disruption. When an employee leaves, it is easy to transfer ownership of encrypted files to a new user.

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GarbleCloud currently integrates Google Drive & Dropbox as data stores and provides admin controls to G Suite customers. More integrations and great features coming soon!

GarbleCloud Pricing

Garblecloud has raised the bar for cloud data protection.We've created a dedicated pricing page which will help you understand the various features and benefits with each plans and answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

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