Smart Data Encryption for Your Files and Docs in the Cloud

Revolutionizing collaboration on encrypted data at scale.

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Turbocharge your data security posture for Compliance with GarbleCloud

Turbocharge your data security posture for Compliance with GarbleCloud

Simplify Data Encryption for the Modern Workforce

70-80% of corporate data is files and documents and stored in the cloud, leaving it vulnerable to external malicious attacks.

GarbleCloud secures Google Workspace, making files more resilient against intentional and accidental breaches, data exfiltration, and ransomware attacks. Simple and easy data encryption with no software downloads or installation required.

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Search. Share. Secure.

GarbleCloud makes data encryption smart and simple using groundbreaking technology. We take the complexity out and add back in the functionality enterprises require to better search, share, protect, and collaborate with their sensitive data across cloud and SaaS environments.

The Only Data Encryption Solution That Works Across Your Favorite Collaboration Apps

GarbleCloud is all you will ever need to protect your files and docs.

Harness the power of multiple SaaS collaboration and sharing platforms with GarbleCloud’s intuitive file-share and file-transfer features. Using a user-centric approach, users drag and drop content across multiple cloud stores (including Google Workspace, Google Drive, and Dropbox). More integrations coming soon! 

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Here's What People Are Saying About GarbleCloud

Our company provides Security Compliance (SOC) as a Service to large clients and emerging technologies. The security audits often contain information that needs to stay private. With GarbleCloud we can capture and share audit details without compromising the clients proprietary specifications. Naturally as a provider of security services we need to follow the best protocols ourselves, which GarbleCloud supports.


As a lead generation focused marketing agency we frequently need to get access to client accounts for social media, email and others. GarbleCloud helps us confidently gather and store access credentials without causing concern with the client about their access information being inappropriately found.

CEO Digital Marketing Agency

We use Slack extensively with team members and clients around the world to capture security configuration files. Unfortunately, with Slack and Google Drive, this sensitive content gets overshared so we need and extra layer of protection. GarbleCloud lets us encrypt the contents that needs extra protection and easily share it only with those who need it.

DIRECTOR NETWORK SECURITY Enterprise Security Provider

GarbleCloud Key Features

Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption

Protect your content with the most advanced data encryption algorithm.

Single Master Key per User

No more random passphrases. Share encrypted content without sharing secret credentials (keys). 

Secure External Sharing

Share encrypted files internally and externally using our centralized content-based information rights management. 

Search on Encrypted Files

Full-Text Searches for Encrypted Documents Find your encrypted files easily with content-based searches.

Enhanced User Experience

Easy to Navigate, user-Friendly Interface that looks and feels like your cloud storage interface is easy to learn.



Sign up

Create a GarbleCloud account in a matter of minutes. Test it out for free or get a paid account on Google Cloud or Google Workspace Marketplace.  We have a sales team as well to help figure out the right solution for you. 


Invite your coworkers

GarbleCloud is better with friends and data.  Connect your current Google Drive or Google Workspace. You can upload, search and share encrypted files, docs, and data internally and externally. 


Start encrypting files & docs

Ditch the complex encryption tools and cumbersome password-protecting file hassles. Bulk encrypt all your data using our admin features and turbocharge your data privacy today!