Unprecedented Google Files & Docs Encryption

Affordable and Flexible Drive Encryption Platform that Protects Google Workspace

Google Workspace Drive Encryption Simplified

Secure. Search. Share. 

Our platform is for anyone using Google Workspace. Take control of your unstructured data across SaaS platforms. We take the complexity of data protection out and add the functionality companies require to protect better, search, share, and collaborate with their sensitive data. No software downloads or installation is required!

Bulk Encryption & Policies


Bulk Encryption & Admin Policies are essential features for larger enterprises and/or health/biotech, financial, and government entities.

Encrypted Search

Encrypted Search

A patented search functionality where users can quickly find the encrypted and (non-encrypted) files they need in a few clicks!

Encrypted Sharing

External Sharing

Our Information Rights Management allows for the external sharing of sensitive (or all) documents from Google or DropBox.

Encrypt across multiple clouds


GarbleCloud files and documents encryption picks up where Google encryption stops. 

Get started protecting your files and documents with only a few clicks. Yes, you can use GarbleCloud for your compliance certifications without compromising productivity. No need for emailed passwords our intuitive protection is user-centric. We are a Google Drive encryption software that works across multiple clouds.  Our patented key management technologies can manage data security with our Google Drive end-to-end encryption and adherence to zero-knowledge standards. 

bad actors hacking ransomware protection

Ransomware and Data Exfiltration attacks are growing at a frightening rate

Google platforms and applications protect your data very well from unauthorized entities (both people and applications/processes) who may be trying to access your data from outside and even inside of Google. But once an intruder is inside, your data is vulnerable. 

Using the next generation of data encryption, files and documents are safe from unauthorized users, including service providers such as Google or Dropbox and third-party applications. GarbleCloud not only secures your data but also unlocks additional features and functionality – without sacrificing productivity.


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Affordable and Flexible Data Encryption Platform for Google Workspace

Google Drive allows individuals and businesses to access data from any corner of the planet. The data repository is seamlessly optimized to work with every other Google service, which adds to user convenience and distributes data across networks. However, Google Drive’s inability to encrypt files synced to laptops, tablets, and smartphones is a glaring chink in the armor, making it vulnerable to data breaches and subsequent data threats. The risk of exposing sensitive information can seriously threaten the individual or organization. GarbleCloud is the best encryption software for Google Drive as it addresses that risk by improving and providing additional encryption data security that keeps your Google Drive data safe and secure. 

  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption that is user-controlled & easy to use
  • Robust, enterprise-grade encryption-key management framework
  • Support CRUD operations on encrypted files in popular SaaS platforms
  • Deliver fast cross-platform, aggregated Search on regular & encrypted files
  • Enable Sharing & collaboration of encrypted documents between teams
  • Platform agnostic, encryption-based file security & rights management

Search of Encrypted Files

For the first time ever, it allows encrypted search—offering enterprises a new level of functionality.

  • Full-text keyword search on encrypted documents and files
  • Pattern-search and partial match queries on encrypted documents (coming soon)
  • Obfuscated metadata-based search, requiring no decryption of encrypted documents
  • Highly scalable, fast search results by leveraging the indexing capabilities of Google Drive
  • No separate index creation; search metadata is stored along with encrypted documents in Google Drive
Encrypted Search
Sharing encrypted files

Secure, Private, and External Sharing

Data owner can encrypt files before sharing with external entities—providing extra security. Information Rights Management restrictions can be set by the owner that prevents forward-sharing files or making updates.

  • Sharing restricted documents requires permission from the owner
  • Impose the rules no download, no printing, and no copying

Bulk Encryption

Ensures long-term protection of cloud files without compromising accessibility—particularly useful for larger enterprises and/or health/biotech, financial, and government entities.

  • Admins can set policies for encrypting files in bulk across user groups and/or all user accounts
  • Accessible to owners
  • Full-text search on encrypted files enabled, making 100s/1000s of encrypted files far more functional
  • File sharing status of encrypted files is not altered
  • Integrations will allow DLP applications to scan encrypted content for policy violations
Google Encryption

Why GarbleCloud?

GarbleCloud is the best encryption software for Google Drive, as it enhances existing security measures, for both personal and enterprise-level use. GarbleCloud also facilitates secure communication channels between the user or user devices and the cloud platform.
Unlike other Google Drive encryption software, GarbleCloud complies with the highest standards for data protection and security, ensuring that data is only accessible to parties who possess the password key. Our cutting edge technology ensures that no third party, including GarbleCloud and Google, can access your data while still allowing secure data sharing and collaboration in a user-controlled and user-friendly manner.