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to Secure Google Workspace,
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GarbleCloud Supports Your Compliance Goals

Every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack*

Data Vulnerability in Cloud Surges as Key Trends Converge

Two trends collide: 1) the eruption of the fractional and remote workforce and 2) the overwhelming battle facing organizations of all sizes with data exfiltration and ransomware attackers.

Cloud-Based (browser-based) apps and collaboration tools have revolutionized work speed, exposing organizations and workers to bad actors. Up to 80% of instructed corporate data resides in the cloud, making our files, docs, and workspace data in SaaS applications more vulnerable. GarbleCloud is Ransomware Protection for the modern, decentralized workforce. 


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GarbleCloud Helps You Meet Your Security Standards and Compliance Goals

GarbleCloud is committed to security, compliance, and usability.

  • ISO 27001 Compliance data encryption

    Meet ISO27001 Compliance

    GarbleCloud adheres to the ISO27001, information security management system (ISMS), and the ISO27000 management system standards (MSS). We assist with securing information assets and aid your compliance with relevant regulatory agencies, data protection, privacy, and IT governance. We have a culture that engages in a continuous cycle of self-evaluation and improvement of operations and processes through continual employee awareness, management, and commitment.

  • SOC2 Compliance TYPE II data encryption

    Meet Soc 2 Type II for Business and Government Compliance

    GarbleCloud complies with the Service Organization Control (SOC) Type 2 security framework for validating our ability to safeguard customer data in the cloud. We work with your internal compliance teams to ensure your meet your Soc Type 2 internal security practices.  Maintain Government Data Privacy with End-to-End Encryption. When maximum security is required, we enable organizations to host their own keys by leveraging their cloud or public-cloud infrastructure. Organizations can strengthen Zero Trust posture and breach preparedness by hosting keys separately from the data.

  • PCI compliance data security Google Drive Google workspace

    Meet Financial Data Security Regulations

    Fortify your compliance with GLBA (The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations. Use data encryption to safeguard against FINRA and SEC data breaches. Financial documents contain sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII), and nonpublic personal information (NPI). GarbleCloud is used to secure credit cardholder information PCI Compliance and protect sensitive customer information. 

  • HIPAA Compliance data encryption

    Maintain HIPAA Compliance

    Safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) with GarbleCloud. Encrypt and control sensitive and private health data inside and outside your organization. Healthcare and medical companies can now confidently store, share, and search for HIPAA-compliant documents and files with Google Workspace. 

  • GDPR google workspace google drive compliance data security

    Meet GDPR Compliance

    Encrypt and control consumer files, documents, and data in Google Workspace for compliance with GDPR. Prevent unauthorized access with our end-to-end encryption and access controls to protect consumer data collected, processed, and shared. GarbleCloud uses invisible security technologies to ensure rapid adoption. Users and admins can control how the files and documents are protected, shared, and searched.

Simplify Data Encryption for the Modern Workforce

Search. Share. Protect.

Take a peek into how GarbleCloud is a leading data privacy decentralized workforce. GarbleCloud makes data encryption simple. We remove the complexity and add the functionality enterprises require to better search, share, and collaborate with their sensitive data across cloud and SaaS environments. 

Schedule a quick solution brief today to learn more. If you deem us a fit, our technical engineers will connect with your tech team for a deeper capabilities discussion.