GarbleCloud Press Room and Branding Guide

Thank you for your interest in GarbleCloud. Feel free to learn more about our brand. 

Our Name

Our official corporate name is in camel case and spelled GarbleCloud. Be sure to use the capital “G” and “C” when spelling our name. 

Visual Identity


We use our logo in both a stacked and horizontal version. Our transparent version has a slightly different design, so use that one with the white on white. 

GarbleCloud Logos
GarbleCloud Logos

High-Level Summary 

GarbleCloud was founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley. Our company and technology were created and run by experts in secure data management and networking to address the growing concerns around information security and privacy as enterprises increasingly adopt public-cloud-based platforms for collaboration. Learn more about our leaders here. 

GarbleCloud Patents for Data Security

Our company holds 2 US patents in data encryption and data privacy.

U.S. Patent # 9,825,925Method and apparatus for securing sensitive data in a cloud storage system. 

U.S. Patent # 10,013,574Method and apparatus for secure storage and retrieval of encrypted files in public-cloud computing platforms.

integrated google workspace data encryption

Product screenshots

If you need product visuals and screenshots, please submit a request. 

Akhilesh Verma GarbleCloud

Leadership photos

Our leaders are happy to produce headshots and team visuals. Please contact us for special requests. 

Bijit Hore

Our CEO, Dr. Bijit Hore

Dr. Hore is an available thought leader ready for interviews, speaking engagements, and presenting on data security, ransomware, and more! 

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