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GarbleCloud is a leading provider of data privacy and protection for multi-cloud data storage and collaboration platforms. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver compliance solutions to global enterprises, small organizations, and individuals. We hold two US patents and are the leading innovation in protecting unstructured data. We offer an unprecedented approach to securing data in the cloud without impeding productivity.

MISSION: At GarbleCloud, we’re committed to making the cloud a safer place to secure, share, and work with your proprietary information while minimizing the impact on organization workflows. And we believe you should have control over your data.

OUR NICHE: As individuals and enterprises increasingly adopt public cloud platforms and SaaS applications to streamline business-related tasks, they face the overwhelming challenge of negotiating various privacy and security frameworks for these services. In addition, as data travels across platform boundaries, it can leave critical business information vulnerable to security gaps and policy loopholes. Users are therefore not only obliged to evaluate platform-specific security features but must also acquaint themselves with each service provider’s data access, usage, and retention policies. As such, ensuring data privacy––that is, the ability to control who or what can access your data and for what purpose––becomes exceedingly complex in today’s multi-cloud/SaaS environments.

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