The Shortcomings of Data Privacy Management & the Consenting Framework

Data Privacy

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we have witnessed a large rise in privacy tech companies. These startups are aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and helping consumers protect their personal information online. While this may appear like a noble mission from the outside, it appears they have several blindspots and that much more can be […]

GarbleCloud Platform Launches on Product Hunt

GarbleCloud Platform Launches on Product Hunt

With the wide release of the GarbleCloud Platform to the market, we are preparing a launch on Product Hunt, the world’s largest product community, on December 21st, and we need your help!   But first–our platform is now available for FREE for all users, so please feel free to make an account, try our product, and […]

Keeping Data Safe in a Data-Driven World with Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Current applications are data-hungry, especially AI and machine learning platforms that require large volumes of data to function. Applications use your data to train their AI/ML models. How this data is actually pre-processed, stored, accessed, processed internally is impossible to know ahead of time, better known in the field as the black box problem.  The […]

Unstructured vs Structured Data: Which is More Difficult for Data Protection in the Cloud?

It’s no secret that data production–both unstructured and structured–has exploded in recent years. We are currently living in a data-driven world, with each of us producing data points constantly through our day-to-day actions. It’s even estimated that by 2025, there will be over 161 zettabytes of data in the world, or 161 trillion gigabytes. Unstructured […]

Enhancing Your G-Suite GDPR Compliance

With General Data Protection Regulation coming to force, numerous companies and services are rushing to adjust their protocols and operating procedures to meet the newly imposed requirements. If you’re among the 4+ million clients using G-Suite to manage your staff communication and coordination, there are a couple of notable changes you should consider to ensure […]