Garblecloud is only now being opened up for public beta, to a global audience.

GarbleCloud is a next-generation application that provides ‘Cloud Security & Aggregation as a Service’ for public cloud stores like Google Drive and Dropbox. Currently in public beta, it enables users to protect sensitive documents stored in these clouds from external or insider attacks by keeping them encrypted (or obfuscated) at all times – in storage, in motion and while in use. Sensitive data remains inaccessible even to the cloud service provider and the GarbleCloud server, keeping the owner in full control at all times.

All this is achieved without losing any functionality of the cloud services – our proprietary full-text & pattern-based search capability over encrypted files and documents (US Patent granted to Garblecloud Inc. for “Method and apparatus for securing sensitive data in a cloud storage system”), along with secure data access & sharing technologies, allow customers to reap all benefits of public clouds without worrying about data/privacy loss.

GarbleCloud users do not have to compromise on any of the cloud productivity features like, sharing, collaboration, multi-device access & sync, search etc. In fact, our proprietary technology provides several value-added features that enhance user productivity and facilitates interoperability between platforms – users can access & search their data (files & documents) across multiple cloud services, move files across clouds and more from a single unified interface. As a result, GarbleCloud simultaneously enhances usability, utility and security of public cloud platforms.

GarbleCloud will be at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley, SF 2017, on Sep 19 – do drop by!

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Introducing GarbleCloud Client-Side Encryption