The Shortcomings of Data Privacy Management & the Consenting Framework

Data Privacy

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we have witnessed a large rise in privacy tech companies. These startups are aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and helping consumers protect their personal information online. While this may appear like a noble mission from the outside, it appears they have several blindspots and that much more can be […]

GarbleCloud Platform Launches on Product Hunt

GarbleCloud Platform Launches on Product Hunt

With the wide release of the GarbleCloud Platform to the market, we are preparing a launch on Product Hunt, the world’s largest product community, on December 21st, and we need your help!   But first–our platform is now available for FREE for all users, so please feel free to make an account, try our product, and […]

Keeping Data Safe in a Data-Driven World with Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Current applications are data-hungry, especially AI and machine learning platforms that require large volumes of data to function. Applications use your data to train their AI/ML models. How this data is actually pre-processed, stored, accessed, processed internally is impossible to know ahead of time, better known in the field as the black box problem.  The […]

GarbleCloud Attends Google for Government Summit in Washington D.C.

google for government

Google invited GarbleCloud to attend the Google for Government Summit held in Washington, D.C., in November 2022. Attendees learned more about how Google Workspace is helping government leaders achieve better workflows and collaboration securely. The main speakers include Jeanette Manfra, MK Palmore, Kevin Mandia, and Thomas Kurian. The US Army announced at the Google for […]

Unstructured vs Structured Data: Which is More Difficult for Data Protection in the Cloud?

It’s no secret that data production–both unstructured and structured–has exploded in recent years. We are currently living in a data-driven world, with each of us producing data points constantly through our day-to-day actions. It’s even estimated that by 2025, there will be over 161 zettabytes of data in the world, or 161 trillion gigabytes. Unstructured […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Understanding Data Security IS the Biggest Threat Facing Business Today

Data Security

Ransomware Damage Skyrockets +935% Since 2021 Group IB presented their alarming findings in the report, Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2021/2022. Cybercriminals continuously improve their methods to access your data. Malicious internal threats can be anyone from corporate espionage to whistleblowers looking to profit from your precious data in databases and your files and documents. More concerning […]

A Brand Management & Advertising Company

A Brand Management & Advertising Company Sensitive customer data, creating content being increasingly stored and shared using Google Drive. Risk of data leakage, and unwanted sharing is deemed too great. Company has been using G Suite for a few years and all sorts of unstructured content is being uploaded to Google Drive by employees and […]

A Top-Notch Cyber Security Company

A Top-Notch Cyber Security Company They moved to G Suite a year back and IT wants to move all on- prem storage to the cloud, including documents and file storage. But, the finance and legal departments are holding out. They are continuing to use office365 and on-prem legacy file server/storage solutions because of privacy (loss […]

A Small Realtor/Lending Company

A Small Realtor/Lending Company Long time users of G Suite. They also collect a lot of sensitive documents from clients using “drop box” facility on some third-party websites where their clients upload their financial documents etc. for loan approval. Their G Suite got hacked a few months back and they faced credibility loss with customers. […]

Relevance of GarbleCloud for Higher Education Institutions

Relevance of GarbleCloud for Higher Education Institutions Universities of higher education have been a major target of data exfiltration attacks and ransomware. They have compelling use for data protection capabilities because they handle a lot of student data that is subject to FERPA. Research collaborations are almost exclusively done online and have a lot of […]