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They moved to G Suite a year back and IT wants to move all on- prem storage to the cloud, including documents and file storage. But, the finance and legal departments are holding out. They are continuing to use office365 and on-prem legacy file server/storage solutions because of privacy (loss of confidentiality) concerns.
The Importance of Encryption in Data Consolidation in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • IT wants to give finance and legal teams the peace of mind that their data will be protected in the cloud, specifically, in Google’s G Suite.
  • This is where GC helps, by letting the finance and legal departments transfer all on-prem documents and files (also migrate from Office 365) into Google Drive in pre-encrypted form. This way, they get to control the encryption of their sensitive data and ensure that Google does not have visibility into it.
  • Finance guys meet their compliance requirements.
  • This benefits IT as it eliminates the need to support pockets of users on legacy systems and services and move wholly to their new cloud platform of choice, i.e., G Suite/GCP.
  • Reduction in cost-overhead is tremendous as they are able completely eliminate reliance on more expensive legacy solutions.

Introducing GarbleCloud Client-Side Encryption