A Small Realtor/Lending Company

  • Long time users of G Suite.
  • They also collect a lot of sensitive documents from clients using “drop box” facility on some third-party websites where their clients upload their financial documents etc. for loan approval.
  • Their G Suite got hacked a few months back and they faced credibility loss with customers. This led to many sleepless nights for the owner.
  • They want to ensure confidentiality of all the very sensitive documents they store on Google Drive.
  • They tried a few other encryption products but did not continue as usability was a huge challenge — wouldn’t allow them to even open their encrypted documents etc.
  • So they finally discovered GC via web search and just signed up for it right away.
  • Now they can encrypt and share easily with their clients. They can create secure folders where multiple documents can be shared with clients.
  • Clients just need to have a GC account, for which a google drive is necessary. They can use any email they choose to create a new Google account which gives them access to a google drive.
  • The business owner can now encrypt historic files as well — do so selectively by going over folders and selecting which files to encrypt or by using the “bulk encryption” feature.
  • Either way, the business owner has now encrypted all sensitive files in her google drive (and within those of her employees’ drives as well). It has made her google drive data way more secure, without compromising on its usability in the least.
  • They have been able to move away from using a 3rd party “drop box” facility for documents and consolidate document management around Google Drive.

Introducing GarbleCloud Client-Side Encryption